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Case Study – Cruz

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Cruz is a 20yr old retired grade A grand prix show jumper out of Cruising. His new owner bought him to use as a pleasure horse, and to give him a good end to a successful career.

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Coping with Fear

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Fear is something everyone in the equestrian world has felt at some point. Whether it was a brief sensation during a fall, a course of particularly large jumps, or on going, fear is something everyone faces (or doesn’t!) sooner or later. In this article I will discuss fear, and provide some strategies and insight into this sometimes debilitating emotion.

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Case Study -River

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River is a 9yr old gelding that came from a rescue centre. He is fearful, lacks confidence and can be quite dangerous, both rearing and kicking out with the hind leg. Here are his tendencies and the recommendations for the owner.

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Working with Foals and Weanlings

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I’ve spent a lot of time recently working with weanlings. It’s always very rewarding giving a young horse a great start to working with people! It has inspired me to write an article about handling youngsters. If you have a young horse, here is a bit of guidance to help you get started on the right foot.

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When the Problem isn’t *The Problem*

I have a lot of horses presented to me with very specific issues their owners would like to see fixed. In most cases the problem presented isn’t the actual problem.

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What’s New at Natural Bridges?!

As we move into better weather for Spring, loads is happening here at Natural Bridges. It’s an exciting time and set to be a very busy summer!

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Alison and Ebony – Case Study

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Alison and Ebony
Ebony is a 7yr old Mohill Gypsy mare.

Ebony (“Ebby”) was presented to me with a number of issues. Her owner Alison found her to be pushy and hard to manage, rearing and backing when things didn’t go her way.

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Dealing with Aggressive Behaviour

Aggressive horses can be scary and are definitely dangerous. In my early natural horsemanship training, I was taught about using phases and matching intensity. Although these methods worked, they sometimes required me to to do things I was not entirely comfortable with.

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Finn Sees the “Light”

 I have started writing about Finn, my recent project horse. Finn has no stop, no whoa, no off button when things go wrong.

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When Whoa Means Go!

Or a horse named Finn!

Recently I took on a project/problem horse named Finn. He is a black 7 yr old 15’2 cob. He has a fantastic temperament and is a very well put together cob, however Finn has some massive holes in his training foundation.

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