Here is what some of my students have to say:


“We spent last weekend with Johanna working on trailer loading issues with our 9-year old mare. Not only did Johanna fix this problem in a matter of hours, more importantly she taught us a huge amount about our horse, ourselves and our relationships with her. She has given us a whole new way of thinking about problems and how to resolve them. Because we are so much more confident now, our horse is too. Johanna has an incredible understanding of horses (and people) and is a very talented teacher. If your horse has behavioural problems of any sort, this is the best money you will ever spend.”

-Willow and Jessie J, Co Meath



“Myself and my horse Charlie spent the weekend with Johanna. He had a few behaviour issues that needed addressing. Amazing. He has been a different horse since she left. He will now walk straight into his trailer, stand calmly & eat his hay while he’s in there. Previously he would rush in & straight back out again.

He is generally a much calmer & more respectful member of the family. The work Johanna does is amazing, she is so calm and talks you through everything she does. Myself and Charlie are working on the things we have learnt from her. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone having behaviour issues with their horse & would love to work with her again in the future. Thank you so much Johanna, I am so so grateful to you.”

-Lisa and Charlie, Co. Mayo



“Absolutely fantastic. We as a family learned so much due to your wonderful tuition. Just have to get the practice in now!Thanks Johanna for your time,knowledge and patience.”

– Paula and Family with Lucky and Luna, Co. Cavan



“What a Saturday – even with the rain we had a fab demo Cruz walked on and reversed off the box with ease – it took a lot of patience and time, the big man showed us more than expected whilst being such a gent he was obviously just going through life to keep people happy he just zoned out got on with his job, Johanna saw through this and spent lots of time with him to get him thinking and getting him to focus on us, he will need another session but it will be well worth it to make Cruz a happier horse even at 20yrs he deserves a more confident approach to life which he can enjoy – he owes us nothing!

Thank you so much for everything and for taking the time to forward me a plan to keep working with Cruz I am super excited to get stuck in!!”

– Emma and Cruz, Co. Fermanagh



“Thanks Johanna for all your help with River last weekend. He has been quite the gentleman since! Thanks for your patience, empathy and gentle way. I got something very valuable from the weekend …..hope. We’ve been doing our training circles every evening since and even wandered down part of the laneway yesterday. He followed along like a lamb. I’m watching that right side and trying hard to keep my prompt hand dropped after command like you said. I’m also very grateful for the follow on notes. It’s just great to have that back up and guidance. I’m very glad I made that call and have no hestitation to advise others to do the same.”

-Finnouala and River, Co. Mayo



“My horse, Valentine, and I spent yesterday with Johanna – we were the lucky ones picked to work on for the filming by Irish TV!! Had a brilliant day and learnt so much about working with my horse in a more effective way to get him to do what I want instead of what he wants! He went form a horse who would not walk near the horsebox for me to one who would walk of his own accord with a bit of direction and a flick of a rope from me! Amazing!! You can see the transformation for yourself when it is broadcast! I will continue to work with him using Johannas techniques and with her help and advice. Like every good relationship it needs constant work!!”

-Gaynor and Valentine, Co. Fermanagh



“Really enjoyed the experience Johanna really made huge positive difference to my horses behaviour and I learned a lot of new techniques to deal with difficulties I was having with my horse would recommend to any horse owner.”

-Maria and Fiona, Co. Louth


“I had a chance to go watch Johanna work with Maria’s horse Fiona for three sessions.
Johanna really took the time to explain what she was doing and importantly WHY so it was easy to follow her.
She has really gone beyond my expectations – being extremely helpful before and since the sessions answering any questions I might have – thank you Johanna, I really appreciate it!
I have also just received my hand-made ropes I ordered and they are lovely :) Particularly glad to have the longer lead line.”

-Meagan, Spectator, Co Meath


Horse Owner Learning Natural Horsemanship

“I would recommend you to any horse owner even if they think their horse is perfect but particularly if like me they are struggling to cope with whatever problem their horse may have. You are truly the Monty Roberts of Ireland, thank you, thank you, thank you.”

– Alison and Ebony, Co. Leitrim


Grey RID Mare

“Absolutely amazing. Laura is now one of the friendliest horses in the barn. She’s gone from being for sale, to being one of our favourites! You don’t charge enough for what you do!”

– Dierdre and Laura, Co. Leitrim


3 Year Old Pony Mare with Owner

“You’ve no idea how thrilled I am. You are just the best – the Monty Roberts of Ireland!!! Thank you so much!”

– Cliodhna and Daisy, Co. Sligo


Horse Owner Learning Natural Horsemanship

“Johanna came to help me improve a few behaviours of my horse that needed to be addressed. Not only did she deliver great results but she also took the time to explain each action she was taking and educate me on what I should do going forward. There is always room for improvement and I’d consider having Johanna help me again! Thank you!”

– Angelique and Leah, Co. Meath


Natural Horsemanship Student Getting Lessons

“Thank you so much! I no longer dread bringing my girls in from the fields. They are so polite and manageable now.”

– Dee and Ruby/China, Co. Mayo


Horse and Owner Training

“I found working with Johanna inspirational. It was interesting to see and understand the different personalities in certain horses. I found that Johanna’s work with myself and my horse helped our human~equine relationship. My horse enjoyed and excelled in her method. So did I if I might say!”

– Laura and Girl, Co. Leitrim