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The “Natural Horsemanship” Dilemma-Are we Forcing Obedience?

“The right thing easy and the wrong thing difficult”. This is a very effective technique used by natural horsemanship trainers.

This is a technique I have called upon on numerous occasions, the basis for “fixing” and retraining “problem” horses. But suddenly I have changed, and I now have a problem with this idea.

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Working at Liberty

In this article we will discuss how to begin working at “liberty” with your horse, and what the term “liberty” means.

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Back to Work for Mr Kippling

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I have not been able to resist the urge to work in my halfway built round pen. It’s certainly not ideal, but it is more then I have had for my own use since I stopped leasing facilities (years..). Today I had the most fun I have had in a very long time.

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How to Build a Winning Arena (Round Pen)

As I prepare to build my own round pen, I thought I would share this fantastic article detailing how to build a winning arena (round pen).

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What’s New at Natural Bridges?!

As we move into better weather for Spring, loads is happening here at Natural Bridges. It’s an exciting time and set to be a very busy summer!

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Things to Consider When Building a Round Pen

Reposted from Round Pens Ireland.

Getting the round pen (or arena) just right is both a science and an art. Footing that is too deep can cause a horse to strain a tendon, not deep enough won’t provide enough cushion for hard work. Covered? Lights? It can get confusing really quick for a horse owner considering adding a round pen to their back yard.

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Blogs, Round Pens and Little Fall Downs!

For this week I thought I would write a little bit about whats been going on at Natural Bridges. I have loads of projects in the works, and am very excited to share them with everyone.

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