Problems with your horse?

Natural Bridges is home of Irelands only American natural horsemanship trainer specialising in extreme problem solving.

Are you having a problem with your horse? Have you run out of ideas and feel you have no options?

Then you have come to the right place!

I offer gentle yet highly effective techniques and retraing (of both horses and owners) that will erase previous bad habits and behaviour and replace them with a calm, cofident, obedient horse.

Problem solving using natural horsemanship in Ireland.

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People turn to me when everything else has failed. Often times I am the the last resort prior to putting their horse up for sale.

Where did it all go wrong??!!

Problems arise because horses naturally react to a situation (any situation i.e. trailer loading, tacking up, hacking out), and over time develop “habits” based on results of their actions. Often times the habits, and ultimate results, are deemed “problematic”.

Problem solving using natural horsemanship in Ireland.

What’s difficult for people, is they:
A. Do what they have always done, or B. Do what others tell them, based on what They have always done.

For most horses this is just fine, people get by, but for some horses, this just doesn’t work. Once the cycle of problems begin, it becomes very difficult to break. These habits are no different then quitting smoking or stopping a nail biter.

I travel to you, address the problem in the same place the problem occures, and allow you to move forward problem free.

When I come out, I work out where things went wrong and then give you a new way to look at your situation, retrain you and your horse and then introduce you to effective techniques to permanently change the situation/problem forever.

I am one of Irelands few American natural horsemanship instructor/trainers, and one of Irelands few equine behaviour modification specialists. I work with a horse and its owner as individuals to identify problem areas and help formulate a plan for addressing and fixing these areas.

With 25+ years experience working with over 300 horses, there are very few issues I haven’t encountered.

Let me help you, just like I have helped dozens of others just like you.

Problem solving using natural horsemanship in Ireland.

Problem Solving

If you are having a problem with your horse that you are not able to solve, let me assist you with my 20+ years of natural horsemanship  experience. I have yet to encounter a problem that couldn’t be solved!

Lessons and Clinics

I offer private lessons and clinics. Gain valuable insight on how to be effective with your horse based on his natural tendencies and reactions. Go further then you ever thought possible.


I sell natural horsemanship equipment including rope halters, 12ft and 22ft lead ropes and round pens.