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The “Natural Horsemanship” Dilemma-Are we Forcing Obedience?

“The right thing easy and the wrong thing difficult”. This is a very effective technique used by natural horsemanship trainers.

This is a technique I have called upon on numerous occasions, the basis for “fixing” and retraining “problem” horses. But suddenly I have changed, and I now have a problem with this idea.

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Freedom Based Training Workshop with Elsa Sinclair

If you don’t know Elsa’s work, prepare to be blown away!

It all started with a question, that became a project, that became a crowdfunding campaign, that became a film, that became the ‘Freedom Based Training’ programme.

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Elsa Sinclair and Taming Wild

Last week I saw a movie that touched me deeply. I have found myself a bit lost since cutting back on training, and this movie seemed to touch on the element of horse training I felt I was missing out on. That movie was Taming Wild by Elsa Sinclair.

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Why My Pedestal Hates Me!

Kippling loves the pedestal

Last year I had a very beautiful pedestal designed and built. I had every intention of making them available for sale, but never was completely happy with my options for a non-slip top. Although it is technically unfinished, I have found several uses for it, and it has suffered the abuse!

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Me, Natural Horsemanship and You

Recently I was asked to write an article for the “Natural Feeding for Horses” Sept newsletter. There is a bit about me and what I do, how and why behaviour problems arise, and how the average horse owner can incorporate a bit of natural horsemamship into thier daily routine. Enjoy!

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Back to Work for Mr Kippling

natural horsemanship ireland lessons

I have not been able to resist the urge to work in my halfway built round pen. It’s certainly not ideal, but it is more then I have had for my own use since I stopped leasing facilities (years..). Today I had the most fun I have had in a very long time.

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Meet Toffee Pops

natural horsemanship ireland trainer

Toffee Pops is the newest member of our family. We bought him for our 4yr old daughter, but like most horses that come into my life, he has a few problems. When I look at Toffee, I don’t think of him as a “problem” horse, however I would not have advised any of my clients or students to buy him, which certainly puts him in the problem horse category!

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How to Build a Winning Arena (Round Pen)

As I prepare to build my own round pen, I thought I would share this fantastic article detailing how to build a winning arena (round pen).

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About Me

About me:
I’m Johanna Dunn and some people call me a horse whisperer. While that is a very flattering title, it is only a very vague description of what I do. What I am is a very effective trainer that uses psychology and herd behaviour (as well as creativity and experience) to rehabilitate horses and train people.

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What’s New at Natural Bridges?!

As we move into better weather for Spring, loads is happening here at Natural Bridges. It’s an exciting time and set to be a very busy summer!

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