Last week I saw a movie that touched me deeply. I have found myself a bit lost since cutting back on training, and this movie seemed to touch on the element of horse training I felt I was missing out on. That movie was Taming Wild by Elsa Sinclair.

I felt compelled to send Elsa an email thanking her for her beautiful movie and her amazing experiences she choose to share through her movie.

I also extended an invitation for her to come to Ireland to share her knowledge with me and those here that are looking for a deeper understanding with horses. I never imagined she would email me back, and accept my invitation!

For everyone out there looking for something beyond what is currently being taught, this is it. I have never felt so compelled to share something as I do about this.

Things are moving quickly, we are currently trying to nail down a date, but most likely end of August, after the RDS. I am looking to start getting riders together, as spaces are limited, and this is honestly a once in a life time experience. I am also looking for an equestrian centre to host the event. The equestrian centre needs to have a small herd of horses available to observe. This herd should comprise of 3 or more (more the better), that are accustomed to living together (or turned out together on a regular basis).

I urge everyone to watch this movie, and get in touch with me to get a chance to do something magical and beautiful with their horse.

Thank you, all of you, for coming along with me on my journey through horses, horse training, and ultimately a deeper more meaningful relationship with these magnificent animals.