I want to thank Orla from Calveys of Achill trekking and equestrian center for having me last weekend. I also want to thank the spectators that braved the cold (and rain, we can’t forget the rain).

It was typical Irish weather, but we didn’t let that stop us!

I spent time with a big draft that had “tickley” feet.  As it turned out he actually had confidence issues (tinged with a slight degree of disrespect!). I find in alot of cases, the problem I am presented with is not the actual problem, but a result of a different problem.

Next we had a fairly grumpy broodmare. She was a very dominant mare, you could see the grump written all over her face. Clearly never challenged before, she provided an excellent opportunity for everyone to learn some exercises focused on gaining some respect and ultimately some obedience from a very dominant and fairly disrespectful mare. She was a changed woman and finished her session with her nose to the ground, looking much more relaxed.

Ultimately both horses became far more respectful and obedient which lead them to be calmer and much happier doing what was asked.

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