Natural Horsemanship Ireland

Welcome to Natural Bridges, home of an American natural horsemanship trainer living in Ireland.

This website is a place for me to share my 25+ years of knowledge with others, through writing and training.

Problem solving using natural horsemanship in Ireland.

Natural Bridges has been many things over the years, starting in 2007 as a training and breaking yard, working with 70-90 horses a year. Our main focus was working with young horses, preparing them for inspections, sales and shows, as well as starting and backing 3-4yr olds.

Problem solving using natural horsemanship in Ireland.

In 2015 Natural Bridges went on the road, and I began traveling to all my clients, primarily working with problem horses. I found great success and tremendous pride being able to help people gain a new start with their horse.

Problem solving using natural horsemanship in Ireland.

In 2017, I changed focus and started a sister company Round Pens Ireland, and became very much focused on making that a success. I was also working with my horses using Elsa Sinclair’s methods of Freedom Based Training.

Many years ago I started Natural Bridges with the intent on helping people have better relationships with their horses. Somehow over the years, this morphed into traveling all across Ireland fixing extreme problem horses for people, which while it was rewarding, was really miles off of what I set out to do. 

I retired from training in 2018. This site stays up for the blog, but I no longer work with horses for other people.

My writing will continue to encompass all types of training, problems, techniques and experiences, so come in and take a look around, there is something for everyone.