horse trailer loading problem

You want me in THERE??!!

Of all the problems presented to me, trailer loading (or unloading) is the most common. It’s the one problem that most owners can not work around.

horse trailer loading problems

You Know you Can’t make Me!

There can be many reasons for a horse to not want to go into, or stay inside, the trailer. They generally come down to fear or stubbornness. The bottom line is that most horses know they outweigh thier owners by several hundred pounds, and they know that you can not physically make them.

This produces situations in which an owner must resort to fear, intimidation, bribes, begging and pleading. And, although this may work sometimes, it is not a permanent and reliable solution. This also makes trailering your horse anywhere a stressful situation for both the horse and owner.

horse trailer loading problems

Uh-uh No Way!

Of all the problems I am presented with, trailer problems are the easiest to fix.

I offer a stress-free, 100% success rate fix to your problem.

Most trailer loading problems can be fixed in 1-3 hours, and I have a proven 100% success rate.

Give me a call today, and let’s have a chat!