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Alison and Ebony
Ebony is a 7yr old Mohill Gypsy mare.

Ebony (“Ebby”) was presented to me with a number of issues. Her owner Alison found her to be pushy and hard to manage, rearing and backing when things didn’t go her way.

Used primarily for hacking, she would become unmanageable on the road, especially when in the vicinity of other horses, and Alison found she would have to dismount on a regular basis. She had also been run over by Ebony while leading on more then one occasion.

I found Ebony to be a big mare with a big lack of respect. She knew she was big, and used her size to get what she wanted, or more accurately, get out of what she didn’t want!

She had a several bad habits which included, rearing, backing, or running people over with her shoulder leading the way. Just getting her in the trailer on the first day was an issue.

I spent 10 days with Alison and Ebony, and over the course of time, Ebony started to become a very friendly and relaxed mare to work with. We had our hard days as she was extremely stubborn and set in her habits.

Alison learned a great deal about Ebony and her natural traits. She learned how to read a situation and then manage it.

She learned that Ebony barged forward when overly confident, meaning she was being disrespectful, and reared or backed when she was feeling unsure and unconfident, meaning she needed some help and reassurance.

By the end of our time together, Alison and Ebony were working together as a team, and were an absolute joy to watch.

Here is a before and after video of Ebony: