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Advanced Despooking with Finn

In previous articles (despooking part 1, part 2) I discussed the basics of despooking using rhythm. In this article I will take it one step further, and add the element of chaos.

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What to do When the Shoulders get “Stuck”

In this article I will discuss the importance of being able to move the shoulders, and what to do when you can’t!

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The Art of Despooking Part 2

In this article, I will continue to teach you how to despook your horse. It is very important that your horse is prepared for this task before you begin. For details on preparing your horse, read part one here.

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How to Round Pen a Horse

This was originally posted on my site.

In this article I will cover the basics of round penning a horse. Some trainers (Monty Roberts for example) have made a career of round penning horses, and while it is a skill to be learned, its not rocket science. With practice and patience, anyone can be successful in the round pen.

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Preparing to Despook Part 1

de-spookingSeveral elements need to come together in order to be successful at this. For this reason, this will be split into two parts. Part one will focus on preparing to despook. So lets get started!

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Working Without a Net

When I first came to Ireland, I found it strange that there wasn’t a round pen in every facility. Back home, everyone has a round pen. Even traditional show barns have round pens to keep the arena free from people lunging their horses.

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When Whoa Means Go!

Or a horse named Finn!

Recently I took on a project/problem horse named Finn. He is a black 7 yr old 15’2 cob. He has a fantastic temperament and is a very well put together cob, however Finn has some massive holes in his training foundation.

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The Learning Never Ends

Im so fortunate to have the opportunity to work with so many horses. I find I am always learning, and glad of it!

I was working with my horse, Mr Kippling today and found some of the recent lessons I had been giving echoing in my head. I am always talking about the importance of being precise with your horse. It may not matter much to us, but it means an awful lot to them.

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