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Feel, Timing and Balance

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If you are a student of natural horsemanship, you will have heard the phrase “feel, timing and balance” on multiple occasions. If you are new to natural horsemanship, you will eventually come across this idea. In this article, I will explore what this idea mean to me, and hopefully explain it in a way anyone can understand.

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Top 5 Natural Horsemanship Books

Here is a list of my most favourite natural horsemanship books. Highly recommended to everyone!

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Coping with Fear

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Fear is something everyone in the equestrian world has felt at some point. Whether it was a brief sensation during a fall, a course of particularly large jumps, or on going, fear is something everyone faces (or doesn’t!) sooner or later. In this article I will discuss fear, and provide some strategies and insight into this sometimes debilitating emotion.

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Working with Foals and Weanlings

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I’ve spent a lot of time recently working with weanlings. It’s always very rewarding giving a young horse a great start to working with people! It has inspired me to write an article about handling youngsters. If you have a young horse, here is a bit of guidance to help you get started on the right foot.

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When the Problem isn’t *The Problem*

I have a lot of horses presented to me with very specific issues their owners would like to see fixed. In most cases the problem presented isn’t the actual problem.

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Keeping em Sweet

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In America we have a term “keeping em sweet”. This usually applies to partners or spouses, but our horses are as much partners as a person. I always say unwanted behaviour is down to fear or disrespect, but thats not entirely true. Sometimes its down to circumstance. So here are some important things to remember to keep your horse sweet.

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Dog Training and Horse Training, Not So Different..

I have always heard that horse training and dog training are very different, but I’m actually finding some very significant similarities.

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Why Use a Rope Halter?


Why a rope halter and not a standard halter?

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Making the call..

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Because what I do is significantly different from a traditional “riding instructor”, it has been suggested that I write an article detailing what happens when someone calls to book me for a session.

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Advanced Despooking with Finn

In previous articles (despooking part 1, part 2) I discussed the basics of despooking using rhythm. In this article I will take it one step further, and add the element of chaos.

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