Why a rope halter and not a standard halter?

A rope halter will give better responsiveness than a standard halter. A horse can lean and pull on a regular halter, it’s like a pillow on his head, but he can’t lean or pull on a rope halter for long before it becomes uncomfortable. Not painful, just uncomfortable.

A good rope halter is light when the horse is right but he can feel it when he shows opposition. In a regular halter, the horse has no “release” from the bulkiness, so there is no clear release.

There are a lot of cheap rope halters on the market these days, but beware, many are very stiff making them prone to causing rubs and cuts. Many also have metal ends, which can be danger to the horses eye.

A good rope halter is made of marine quality rope. This means the rope has been pre-stretched and will be resistant to UV and sweat. It will be soft and flexible.

Regular halters are not good tools for making horses light.

Rope halters are an essential piece of equipment for anyone looking to practice natural horsemanship, incorporate more ground work into their horses routine or rehabilitate a problem horse.

The only time a standard halter is recommended is when trailering, because a rope halter wont break in an emergency situation.

A horse should never be left unattended with a halter on.

Be sure to secure it properly!


To purchase a custom tied rope halter, made of high quality marine grade rope, please contact me here!