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I was recently sent the book “Natural Feeding for Horses” written by Alexandra Wesker MSc. Alexandra is an animal scientist and horse nutritionist, and runs a company called Horse Consult.

Alexandra gained her masters in Animal Sciences and specialises in animal nutrition. This means she knows an awful lot about horse nutrition!

Her book is very in depth, and is great for anyone looking to find out the whys and hows of equine nutrition and how to feed their horse properly based on weight, size, and amount of work they undertake.

The book focuses on “natural feeding” which in short means replicating wild herd behaviour in a stable environment. Most horses spend several hours a day without food, which is not natural, and can be the cause of gastric disorders as well as stress/boredom induced behaviour.

By following the guidelines in her book, owners can work out a plan to provide food for more hours in the day without increasing calorie intake.

I would recommend this book to anyone looking to better understand horse nutrition and natural feeding solutions.

Thank you Alexandra for sending me your book, it will definitely become a base part of my equestrian library.
Her book is available here:

Her website is full of useful information.