If I had a dollar (or euro!) every time I heard that sentence, I’d be a very rich woman!

We all love our horses, and they do so much for us, sometime willingly, sometimes not so willingly, but most horses have an “except” in them.

He’s great except he wont load in the trailer, she’s fantastic except when the farrier comes, except at feeding time, except at shows, on and on.

When I hear this, it breaks my heart a little. We all love our horses so much, so we accept their excepts. We avoid these problems. We don’t want a fight. Really who would win against a 1200lb animal.

All these problems are avoidable with the right foundation work. All these problems are fixable with the right foundation work! People just don’t know where to start.

Id like to be there for all those people and their horses, Id like to show them the way! There is a solution to every problem.

So does your horse have an “except”?