In this article I am going to talk about what I do and how it differs from most other natural horsemanship trainers in Ireland. I like the word “horse sense” because I am going to talk sense about horses.

I will start with my dislike for the word horse trainer. A horse trainer is the person at your local equestrian centre that schools and starts young horses, in a way, it doesn’t even begin to describe what I do.

What I do is modify behaviour. I am a diagnostician. I am the mechanic that fine tunes your horse. The therapist that breaks bad habits. The horse whisperer.

There are so many things that people put up with when it comes to their horses. Things that can be fixed or modified. But people don’t know. They think, this is how it is. They don’t realise it can be different.

Things like spending half an hour putting a bridle on. Unhooking the bit from one side of the bridle to sneak the bit in easier. 

Throwing hay over the door from 5 ft away because your horse tries to rip it out of your arms.

Getting ready to leave for a show 2 hours early because you know getting him into the trailer is going to be a nightmare. Maybe the bucket will work, maybe..

The embarrassment when the farrier comes and your mare continuously pulls her feet away. Or worse yet, kicks out with the hind legs.

Trying to mount quickly, before your horse is half way down the road, dragging you with a foot in the stirrup.

All of these things are unnecessary. All of these things can be fixed, and quickly. People just don’t realise.

So many other natural horsemanship trainers drip feed information. They don’t want to touch your horse. They don’t want to confront these issues head on.

You buy a head collar and a stick, and off you go. Try a bit more of this, a bit more of that. In 3 years maybe you will have gotten somewhere. Or sold the horse with the problems.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Things can happen quickly. Your horse can be the horse of your dreams now.

Horses develop bad habits, they just need those habits broken. They don’t know they want to get rid of these habits, but they do. When you remove these bad habits, you release your horse from his stress. You make his life easier. You make your life easier.

Thats where I come in. I diagnose the bad spots. The thorns. And I pull them out. I free you and your horse. Free you to do more interesting things with your time.

I do what others can’t, or won’t do. I get to the point, sort it out, and show you the hows and whys of how it got there. I give you insight on your horse that will open your eyes. After a session with me you will know your horse inside out. No guessing.

You will understand more then any dvd or book can tell you about Your horse. Not some horse, Your horse. And it won’t take weeks, or years.

If you want to get there, you can get there now. Just give me a call.