I was thinking about the lovely connemara in Achill earlier. He was so lacking in confidence, but such an incredibly talented horse.

We are so nervous and worried around a fearful horse, and that is completely understandable, but there is something to be gained by every horse experience.

A horse displaying fear also shows his potential and true talent. Think about the last horse you saw in a spooky situation. Lighter then air, gliding easily across the ground. Perfect grace and collection. Engaged from behind, turning on a dime. This is the horses true and raw talent.

Once you take away the fear, through confidence building and leadership, that same talent is buried  beneath. You expose the gem that was previously a diamond in the rough. You can force a horse to “behave”. You can gadget your way into “obedience”, but that will never give you that cut and brilliant diamond. Only through willingness and trust will the true potential of the horse be achieved.

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