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It’s Always Darkest Before the Dawn

Here is a great article written by Sandra Poppema of HippoLogic detailing why, when re-training unwanted behaviour, the behaviour gets worse before it gets better. “It’s always darkest before the dawn..” And here is why…

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Top 5 Natural Horsemanship Books

Here is a list of my most favourite natural horsemanship books. Highly recommended to everyone!

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Coping with Fear

natural horsanship ireland problem solving

Fear is something everyone in the equestrian world has felt at some point. Whether it was a brief sensation during a fall, a course of particularly large jumps, or on going, fear is something everyone faces (or doesn’t!) sooner or later. In this article I will discuss fear, and provide some strategies and insight into this sometimes debilitating emotion.

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Natural Feeding for Horses

natural horsemanship ireland feeding

I was recently sent the book “Natural Feeding for Horses” written by Alexandra Wesker MSc. Alexandra is an animal scientist and horse nutritionist, and runs a company called Horse Consult.

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Case Study -River

natural horsemanship ireland

River is a 9yr old gelding that came from a rescue centre. He is fearful, lacks confidence and can be quite dangerous, both rearing and kicking out with the hind leg. Here are his tendencies and the recommendations for the owner.

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About Me

About me:
I’m Johanna Dunn and some people call me a horse whisperer. While that is a very flattering title, it is only a very vague description of what I do. What I am is a very effective trainer that uses psychology and herd behaviour (as well as creativity and experience) to rehabilitate horses and train people.

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Keeping em Sweet

natural horsemanship ireland cobs

In America we have a term “keeping em sweet”. This usually applies to partners or spouses, but our horses are as much partners as a person. I always say unwanted behaviour is down to fear or disrespect, but thats not entirely true. Sometimes its down to circumstance. So here are some important things to remember to keep your horse sweet.

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Alison and Ebony – Case Study

 natural horsemanship ireland trainer

Alison and Ebony
Ebony is a 7yr old Mohill Gypsy mare.

Ebony (“Ebby”) was presented to me with a number of issues. Her owner Alison found her to be pushy and hard to manage, rearing and backing when things didn’t go her way.

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Dog Training and Horse Training, Not So Different..

I have always heard that horse training and dog training are very different, but I’m actually finding some very significant similarities.

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Why Use a Rope Halter?


Why a rope halter and not a standard halter?

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